Bob Story

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Ballada saw a few blur on videos and still photos of these creatures. The creatures appear to be shiny, maybe latex, plastic or something else. Their body seems to be very spherical with the limbs coming and jetting out of their bodies. They seem to be very movable and can take strange direction like they have no internal structures. They all seem to be the same even their face they appear to have a creepy grin and dead staring eyes. They seems very interesting creature with no reason for them being here. 
Ballada turn to see a video, which appears to have the best recording of these strange creatures. They have seven limbs, 6 of them seem to be legs or arms with no hands at the ends and the last limb is like a scorpion tail but has a substance coming out of it.  It appears to be trapped a person and spread the substance over them like it was a goo or some kind of fluid.  I keep watching as it seems to be somewhat familiar as I noticed it was a live fed of my security camera as it makes me panic a bit. 
Ballada in his panic he grabs his bag and heads towards his car not remembering that those creatures were next to the parking garage. I then run towards my car as I see a set of white eyes and a bright white grin. I gasp as it gets nearer to me as I see more faces heading towards my direction. I then feel a circle like object, press against my body as a warmth spreads around it. I turn to see the grinning face right in front of me. 
Suddenly, I feel more arms wrap around as they spread this goo all over my body. I panic and struggle as they slowly begin to encase my whole body. I watch as their arms wrap around me as the goo begins to cover my whole body as I am trapped in the goo. 
The creature turns to me and speaks, "I am BOB. I like being BOB. I bet you will like BOB as well." The creature that called himself BOB wraps around my whole body in the goo leaving my face out as it spread all over my body. 
I panic and tries to speak out a bit, but I can't even put myself to speak a word. BOB they press my body into a rounder shape closer and closer to that of a sphere. Three or more BOBs come around me as they press my body, making it into a sphere very similar to that of the BOBs.
I gaps a bit as my body appears to move on it's own. "Hello BOB, you will love being BOB." Unknowing to me the other BOBs were moving my body. The BOB then pulls my face, giving me a strange noodle like neck.  I gaps a bit as I begin to grin like the BOB. I gasp and wiggles a bit as I begin to love this forum as my limbs keep moving on their own. 
The BOBs seem to laugh as they keep their creepy grin. The BOBs then grab my face and begins to reshape to their same shape as their as my face keeps the same. I keep my grins as I am almost the same as them as the BOB looks at my face as he pull out and streches out an image of the BOB face. BOB then pull it over my face and rubs it softly and pull the image off.
I then look up as I have my BOB face. I love having my BOB face and my BOB body. I am so glad that the BOBs made me into a BOB. Being a BOB is just wonderful.