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Please note:  There is no Earth.  There is no Earth.  There is no Earth.

Regions Ordered by Principal Race:

  • Aureian
  • Dein
    • Ovalon will be a very awkward visit.  It's one of the Dein Nesting sites where they grow new Dein.  a visit to Ovalon might introduce the risk of getting some Dein Cybernetics or leaving with a but full of eggs. You can still poop.  They create a new set of organs to help support the eggs. They have a fuel Depot.
    • Albegadeom is the Dein Capital world.
    • Technis
    • Orlos
  • Nostra
    • Peabody - undefined, unclaimed, pretty much human and Cibosan based
    • Pacifica - undefined, unclaimed, pretty much human and Cibosan based. Just your typical planet with a large zone of tropical stuff.  Mostly water.  CIS people go here for vacation.
  • Commonwealth_of_Independent_Systems (CIS)
  • Dynatic
    • Hilltop is a Dynatic Output that was established for the predicted Dein-Xiq war that's predicted to happen.
    • Ourpost 23 was established to watch Cratif, Woofheim, and the Hierarchy. Sporoot is a very green world.  Sort of vacationy, if you like really big information booths and information... you can also purchase big maps and information. The place where Sporoot is ... well, lots of plants, lots of moss.  The moss is sentient and they appreciate most of their world remaining untouched.  Half half water land.  They prefer people to stay in orbit and to visit the surface requires a permit.
  • Cratif Space
    • Outba. The station has an Outba Steakhouse that opened after they made contact with the Woofs. 
  • Panoculus
  • Phin Space
    • Surf - Surf was an isolated location and designed for the ultra wealthy ... one of the White Ranked Gladiator Tests was taken at this spot.  It's how Kyro earned his White Gladiator Rank. Rshast go there for vacation. 
    • Turf
    • Mictarn
    • Spectre Station
  • Rshast Bureaucracy
  • Srrrylat Hierarchy
  • Woofheim​​​​​​​
  • Xiq

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