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About a quarter of a million years ago, the galaxy was a lonely place and A'rthans, the Great Ones who came before, felt lonely. They began a long-term project with two main aspects, to seed a lifeless galaxy into a galaxy full of wonder, plunder, drama, and angst.  


The A'rthans used Source to prepare many dozens of planets for habitation by interesting biological species. The Source Program had a number of purposes. It used existing mantle flows to arrange crust strata suitably into continents and sea beds. It prepared the surface with bioactive substances.


The A'rthans seeded the surface with simple biological life forms: the enormous amounts of archaea, prokaryotes and eukaryotes that form the basis of a healthy biosystem. These established, they seeded multicellular life forms: plants and animals, and finally advanced bipedal life forms. With some exceptions, all advanced life forms in the Zulu Sector are more or less related.

Dynatic Expansion and Influence[edit]


Arrival from the Core[edit]

The Rshast are not creatures of the A'rthans. They arrived from the Core about five hundred years ago. This was not their intended destination, but it suited their purposes, so they settled and carved out the Rshast Bureaucracy.

Arpaio and the Mechanics Guild[edit]

 Arpaio.  Is a very dry world with a thin atmosphere.  However, it has a lot of volcanism, a lot of raw materials, and a lot of industry.  It also has the Rshast.

The timeline we're mostly focused on, a time and place with things like Black Gazza, Inc, is between the era of Anukas_Laplace, Boot_Laplace, and then Kygrat ... all of them governors of Arpaio.

Crimson_Dervish This is in the Black Gazza Era and Hyper Capitalism with Intense Bureaucracy until some crazy Hygapst in the desert says, "Let's do things better.  Let's unionize so that people can't bully us further.  Look, I got a lot of technology that makes work better, faster, and even fun."  The Hyper Capitalism and Bureaucracy came at a time of Anukas Laplace who is a conversative of the Rshast  until her rubbery brother kicks her out with more progressive policies that allowed the Guild to come into place.  10 years after the Gladiator team Crimson_Dervish, is formed, it's dismantled as Boot and Kygrat say that it's not even a good sport.

Uhagre is a freelance bounty hunter who starts showing up on Arpaio, but when Widgis (the mechanics Guild city and eventual capitol of Arpaio) is built, Kygrat (leader of the Guild and eventual Governor) hires him to fight these things that keep appearing throughout the city.  Funny, these things that keep coming up and appearing throughout the city (that keep saying bestest friend) are near the brand new power reactors that the Guild has that is able to generate electricity for crazy cheap.  So crazy cheap that no one cam compete with them.

Because they punch a hole into a nearby universe that's got a lower energy state than our own and they tap "entropy flow".  (( super scifi bullshitium made of For The Plot juice. )) And the things in the other universe are cold, starving, and want to feed. So, they send droned people to the areas around the power plants to keep them out.


The Xiq claim that the Zulu Sector Rshast are escapees or refugees from their benign slavery. 

Srrrylat Expansion and Neighborly Resistance[edit]

The Srrrylat Hierarchy comprised about a dozen races, each with its own area of influence in the Hierarchy. They were ruled by the ruthless Hygapst who assigned races in their dominion to specific functions and social castes. Although the members of any spacefaring race are diverse enough to fill the many roles that a high-funcitoning society requires, the Hygapst favored a stratified society in which ones role and chances for advancement depended not on personal qualities but on one's species. K'r'aawk were limited to positions of communication, negotiation, and food. A K'raaw'k might at most aspire to become an ambassador … and one who failed in negotiating favorable terms might become the second course.


The Cratif had developed an advanced egalitarian society before they were annexed and incorporated by the Hierarchy. As herbivorous mammals they were relegated to middle management. The highest position of authority a Cratif might attain on board a Hierarchy starship was Navigator. A good number did pass the Captaincy exams, but none ever passed the review boards. Similar failures struck at the heart of Cratif society. The Cratif had been held in high regard by the Dynatic and by Boot LaPlace, who considered them to be Good People. When Hydrox the paranoid ruler of the Hierarchy imposed more restrictions on what Cratif could accomplish, they revolted. Rocko, an ambitious Cratif starship navigator, had scored very highly on his captaincy exams, and despite some personality flaws had a loyal following at the Academy and in the fleet. At the beginning of the revolt, he and fellow officers commandeered their starships. They packed the Hygapst officers into an escape pod and sent it to a Hierarchy outpost. Rocko was promoted to Commodore over his small fleet and ordered to retreat from that Cratif outpost world. Knowing this would leave it defenseless against the Hygapst retaliation, he defied the order. Vastly outnumbered by two Hierarchy fleets, Rocko and his few captains maintained their defensive line at the frontier. Then, as though space had been wadded up like paper and discarded, the Hierachy fleets vanished without a trace. Cratif won its independence. Commodore Rocko was relieved of command.


The Canine Cibosans had enjoyed a mostly idyllic existence for six centuries, unknown by and ignorant of the goings-on in the galaxy around them. A chance glance through a telescope by Timberwoof Lupindo brought the officers of a Hierarchy survey ship into his world … and the woofs onto the galactic stage. The Hierarchy studied the new species and allowed Timberwoof and a handful of wet-navy officer candidates to enter their Space Aademy. Timberwoof got to know Rocko, who taught Timberwoof far more about the galaxy—and the Hierarchy—than the Hygapst had wanted the Woofs to know. The Woofs decided to exit the Hierarchy at about the same time as the Cratif had their revolt. Cooperation between Woofheim and the Cratif was natural, as both races held similar outlooks on life and Rocko and Timberwoof had established a mutual liking/respect/competition. 


The Dein were discovered by a Hierarchy survey ship searching for a solution to the problem of incursions form the Underworld. The ship's captain revived them and they were put to use in the Hierarchy. Since they had their own hierarchical social structure, they fit in well wihtin the Srrrylat system. 

Hydrox became suspicious of their innate telecommunications ability. Consumed by paranoia and the recent loss to the Hierrchy of the Cratif and the Woofs, he obsessed over thier supposed plots against him. Hierarchy cyberneticists had discovered the Dein's self-destruct command … which Hydrox sent. An alert Dein network operator noticed the traffic, analyzied it, and discovered its contents and purpose. He pulled network cables … but it was too late. In his last conscious moment before receiving and executing the command, he saw that all Dein but one subnet would succumb. 

A small number of remaining Dein, perhaps one percent of the population, escaped the Hierarchy and settled Albagediom. Hydrox was executed. 

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Commonwealth_of_Independent_Systems (CIS)[edit]


There is a centuries-long history of friendly co-existence of four Cibosan species, Rasafac, Humans, and Shedarians. Political groupings and free-trade zones flourished and morphed. 

Discipline - Captain Telex makes first contact between the CIS and Wolfheim. (The actual date of this event has not been established.)

Shedarian-Shyedarian War[edit]

CIS Established[edit]

Arrival of the Xiq[edit]