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Hyperspace is a series of layers that exist on top of spacetime. Each layer is attached to spacetime, but each layer as you go "up" is much smaller than the previous one, and certainly smaller than true spacetime. Hense, it's much easier to go from Point A to Point B since there is much less space between these points. The properties of hyperspace are:

  • Reduced time dilation. It's still there, but the effects are significantly reduced.
  • The layers of hyperspace are quantified. To stay in the layer, you must maintain a certain energy output which translates to a quantized velocity. Each layer upwards requires more energy to enter, and more energy to maintain.
  • Ships encountering each other within the same layer will have their drives cause interference and pull both ships back into True Spacetime. Ships that encounter each other, in close by but not the same layer, may experience Hyperspatial wakes and may need to make course corrections.
  • There might be a Layer 0.  If there is, it means that there is a spot where any point in space is instantly accessable.  But this can't be real, right?
  • Hyperspace requires the lack of material in space.  You cannot engage traditional hyperspace engines near planets or nebulae.  You cannot cruise through hyperspace near planets or nebulae.
  • Hyperspace is not present everywhere. There are segments, like The Void, that are not friendly to hyperspacial travel and drives that utilize this feature of spacetime simply do not work.
  • There is a Underspace, but why would people want to go even "slower"?