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"We sing with the harmony of the Galaxy and Prime Space.  Our tune is carried along each and every string of spacetime.  We listen to the tune of that which surrounds us and contribute our own voices.  Sometimes we fail.  Know that song that keeps getting stuck in your head, playing over and over again?  Yeah, that's our bad." -- 'R-0x7A

"To not hear our song means that you're not in tune with the Universe, or you're a Underling or a Hygapst." --T-0x1F

Maestro is a Source based creature originating from the Bulk. His origin is not entirely known, nor is his age.  It is only assumed, from the limited contact that people have had, that he is tremendously old.  It is known that he has had contact with the A'rthans and even commissioned them to build a custom made planet just to conduct his arts.  This first world was not to his satisfaction and no where near what he wanted; Maestro issued a demand to have the A'rthans build a new planet to replace the defective world.  The A'rthans constructed Absymbel and were 90% complete with the new world -- only a small slice of the world remained to be constructed, before the A'rthans disappeared.  The world -- including the construction facility of the A'rthans known as the Voidsphere -- started to be overrun with Underlings shortly thereafter and due to circumstances beyond his control, Maestro was confined to the A'rthan Control Center near the still deactivated planetary core.

Maestro is shapeless -- or rather, shapeful -- and can bend it's body to whatever is needed and wanted.  Usually when communicating, Maestro is limbless but the face takes on a gasmask or a subdued humanoid shape with gasmask filters attached to both sides.  Maestro is dark black Source in coloring and only the gaze of green glowing eyes give any sort of definition to the face beyond the filters.  Maestro usually has formed decorative shoulder guards on his body as well as a cape.  Masks, similar to the shape of his own head, extend from multiple tentacles that come out from under the robe.  It is likely these tentacles grow the masks that are attached to his Servants and Drones, the Hexxed, in order to form the Chorus and Cacophony.

Maestro has no apparent gender.

Maestro is focused on Music.  Maestro's goal is to provide communications and harmony to all that come in contact with him.  The masks give the Hexxed a direct link with him and also apparent connection to spacetime and the music that is contained within.  He conducts music with the Hexxed and all those under his protection.  He communicates with all of his "children", including the Chorus masks that he releases into Prime Space when the opportunity occurs.  He tries to communicate with the more corrupted Cacophony, which receive distorted messages thanks to the Underling Influences that exist on his homeworld, but his "lost children" follow a different tune.  Maestro finds the harmonics within the core of his planet to be "acceptable".

The Hexxed[edit]

The Hexxed are the drones and workers for Maestro, usually filling in positions to protect and enhance the Chorus (and Cacophony where approperate).  Most of them are coated or converted to Source Lifeforms, given a face similar to Maestro (masked with filters, no filters) and glowing green eyes.  The eye are known to possess something called True Sight, enabling a deeper viewing of the nature of hyperspace and the fabric of spacetime, including the ability to detect and understand vibrations within as "musical".  This also allows the viewing of purposeful streams of aerosol source (happy dust) programmed and triggered towards actions.

A majority of the hexxed are there willingly; only intruders and those that wish to harm the Chorus and Maestro are taken in unwillingly.  Maestro is a stickler for invitation and protocol when meeting him -- going directly into his realm is usually unwise -- and intrusions usually end up with the hapless explorers to be converted. Most members of the Hexxed join up when they appear through random appearing gateways from Prime Space to Maestro's spot on Absymbel in the Voidsphere. Maestro may also take in people by force if, when monitoring a situation, it is determined that the new targets are better off being with him rather than in the situation they're in presently.  Legends around the Prime Universe tell of spooky situations of songs coming from the dark, coming from cracks in the wall, from the depths of abandoned buildings that likely are Maestro's songs and his Chorus coming through, a siren's song leading those with the gift of listening and understanding to him.

The Source body is not painful and is deeply pleasurable, designed for the comfort of the one wearing (or being) it.  If the body is a simple coating over the subjects First Form, the outfit can be removed.  Once the First Form is converted entirely to Source, removal of the Hexxed materials is nigh impossible.  Upon introduction to the Chorus or Cacophony (lost children), the original name of the initiate is replaced by a hexidecimal value of the format number x number number.  More numbers can be added if the pool is exhausted.  The first number, before the x, indicates a pool, but at this point only one is known, hense, zero.

True Sight can be given without complete source modification of the body.  The Green Eye effect is there.  True Sight can be removed by surgical transplant of the occular tissue.

Maestro is distantly connected to the Chorus masks in the Prime Universe, but either does not or cannot exert strong control over them.  However, when contact is made, Maestro invites said chorus mask to join in the song of What Is and When. 

"We listen to much song outside ... most of it is sad or chaotic.  When it's chaotic or sad, those that can hear, whether subconsciously or fully aware, tend to act chaotically or emotionally, sometimes aggressively towards each other.  When the song is soft or inspiring, things get done, people talk, and there is peace."  -- K-0x2F

Roles of the Hexxed[edit]

* Vocals -- Singers towards the music of Maestro

* Instrumental -- Plays an instrument of various kinds to supplement the music of Maestro

* Security -- makes sure that the Chorus, Hexxed, and Maestro are safe.

* Orchestration -- putting together compositions and musical "phrasebooks"

* Composer -- making new music for the clientel of Maestro, or for Maestro himself.