Second Life Black Gazza Maintenance Requests

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Maintenance Requests[edit]

If something's broken or needs adjustment or a swift kick in the scripts, please enter a maintenance request here. Describe the location and the problem so it can easily be found without a lot of back-and-forth. The clearest and most concise problems descriptions will be dealt with first. Please consider that we're not paid maintenance staff and that the Donation Raccoon appreciates tips.

Maintenance Requests
Date Entered Entered By Location Problem Description Date Fixed Fixed By


That cute neko-bot medic (moth) Medical 2 room 2
Medical 2 room 5
Medical 1 room 6
​​​​​​​Mechanics 2 dorm
2 Showers missing scripts and animations (name of item "Douche Sci fi") Owned by timberwolf. 
(Combined two instances of this problem. Mekyro's Shower in Intake is called "Sci fi shower", was created by Dante Qoida, and contains scripts and animations. My copy in Medical, also created by Dante Qoida, does not. I send an IM to the maker. Mystery Solved. There are two sci fi shower sets for sale on the Maret. The 750L one does not have animaitons. The 450L ones does.)
2017-08-20 Timberwoof
^ ^ Medical 2 room 2 "MP Noir - "Medical Line" Examination Table" appears to not work Owned by Spirit Wolf.
(Timberwoof clicked it and tried a few poses. It worked.)
2017-08-20 Timberwoof
2017-08-20 Timberwoof Cellblock Elevators have call button textures that say "Select Level" and list a bunch of levels with the word "level" in their name. 

2017-08-20 Timnberwoof Medical Signage is inconsistent. Plackards at the sides of doors are not consistently placed. Overhead signs are not concistently placed. Pick one system to use and implement it everywhere.