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(WIP) Work In Progress, this is still under work, not finished. This is not approved yet.
Additionally any suggestion is welcomed or word corrections. 

Ensure the guard character is acceptable

  • Do to playing as staff character, they dotn have additional restrictions like inmates have, however they have the basic ones that applies to all roles.

Roleplay Tips

  • If going with interview style scene, then handling new recruit should be handled by a prison staff (guard, medic, robot) 
  • If going with testing out their skills on inmate style scene, then inmates/trustee inmates can handle it as they would be the victims the new recruit test out their skills
  • Or you can go with a scene you have both, interview and testing out their skills on an inmate, but then you require an prison staff and an inmate for that scene
  • Non processor can participate into the scenes too but need to be agreed with the processor in charge.
  • Roleplay test should alway be handled with a processor as the evaluate the new member skills. Even if the processor is not IC, they should be present OOC
  • During the rp, please try to make the atmosphere oppressive for the guards too. While they are staff, the prison prison administrations are cruel and tries to do taxcuts where they can. That means staff too are affected negatively, but they in much better condition than inmates. 
  • Be harsh on the guard, yell at them, show them how the BG staffs behaves and who is the boss. (IC)
  • Threaten them that if they fail the interview, they going to end up with a collar on their neck. 

Roleplay Scene

  • As guard they need to handle inmate, so give them an inmate or a staff pretend to be an inmate to handle it
  • The new recruiter showing off how well they handle an inmate or staff pretending should happen in the secure area, even more when an inmate is involved in it.
  • You can pretend the new recruit already had an interview if both of you dont desire that to not make the rp scene too long or you can perform the interview scene too
  • The inmate should act threatening, insulting to the new recruit
  • The inmate should attack the new recruit, maybe the inmate was offered better food if they manages to beat up the new recruit 
  • In the end, the new recruit should win and the inmate should be in cuffs    
  •  Additional you can perform an interview scene, where you ask question and talk about stuff, like any company when it dose an interview
    • While the interview scene is not designed to test out how well they perform as that role, it dose add immersion. After all Ic speaking they are getting hired to work at the station, forced or by their own free will.
    • You invite the new recruit to the office for the interview.
    • You inform them about the prison policy (the IC policy, as in make believe policy)
    • You inform them that this inmates are criminal that have no rights and can be abused as they wish with the exception to keep them alive and minimize permanent damages. The prison gets its profit from the number of inmate it has.
    • You inform them if they fail what are the consequences
    • You ask them how they know about this being a prison as the prison existence is secret

Lookout for

  • In the processing guide it was mentioned the general stuff you are looking for regardless of the role
  • For guard you want to see how resilient they would be in this hellhole you call home.
  • You want to see them acting like the guards should act in an abusive, dark max security prison. 
  • You want to see them being the inmates torturers and not their friends. 
  •  You want to check and ensure they wont be powergaming. Do they give the inmate a choice to defend themself or they simple declare they did x without giving the inmate a choice to defend themselves from x. If they give inmates no choice in combat, then its wrong 

Basic Steps After Membership approval

  • More Info abour their role
  • Show them where they get the gears and have them get it. 
    • recommended: armband/staff lanyard and baton if they dont have custom baton
    • additionally, its recommended they wear appropriated uniforms and weapons
  • Explain to them what is the armband/staff lanyard. 
    • armband/staff lanyard acts as a notecard giver, giving out notecards they want to make public. Good for sharing character sheet and any such information
  • Explain to the how the guardhud works
    • The 6 fields will show nearby inmates username. Teh beta one will shows additional information
    • -Bellow each fields are 3 buttons 
      • Info:    Gets the inmate record
      • Zap:    Punishes them 
      • Cage:    Disabled, do to abuse usage.
    • There are additional buttons that affect all inmates or the prison itself
      •         -ZapAll:    Would zap all inmates that the hud loged from the last scan
      •         -CageAll:    Disabled, do to abuse usage.
    • Update:    Rescans nearby inmates and saves it into its list
    • Lockdown:     Disabled, do to abuse usage.
  • Explain them the 30 minutes rule. 
  • Have them use the rp tool we provide or use their own rp tool.
    • -Our rp tool has additional settings&customizations. Allowing selecting staff role and rank.
  • Explain to them the inmates assigned colors
  • Explain to them how to use the collar, what they can and can't do IC.
    • Can punish inmates or use any features for such.
    • Anyone can leash them if they have a leash and Ic the leashing was possible
    • Can change their crime, color, risk, sentence (need ooc approval from the wearer)
  • Explain to them where they can escort inmates too
  • Give them the tour
    • Show them where the secure and civil areas are and in the secure area show them the prison
    • Explain them they should not escort inmates up to civilian areas, the prison existance is a secret.