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  • Robots body should not be over powered, even an inmate should be able to damage it in a fight.
  • Chest plate should not be made out of indestructible material, they should be made of materials that even inmates can damage it.
    • So no terminator robots.
  • Hardware should be sensitive in a fight and degrade without maintenance.
  • Hardware should not be too advanced, keep it realistic, no powers that make it too powerfully. 
    • No supper speed like the new updated version of Cyberman, that can move faster than you blink
    • No mind reading technology 
  • No nuclear, fission or powercells that last for years. The powercell should last few days to hours, depending on task they perform.
  • Even if they dont have the Nanite System or other attachment that simulates a robot, they should pretend they have the hardware. So even if you dont have an power source attachment, you pretend that you have IC


  • Robot:  A fully mechanical construct being capable of carrying out instructions. In Rshast law, has no civil rights. Bad robots are not imprisoned, they are reprogrammed or scrapped. 
  • Android:  Robot with the physical appearance of a sentient being. Etymology suggests male, but this is not strict.   
  • Gynoid:  An android assigned a female gender.
  • Cyborg:  A combination of organic and cybernetic components.  Even if it began this way, but has been modified constantly and has no organic material left, it is still considered a cyborg.
  • Organism:  A being that has grown originally from a single cell. 


  • Robots dont really need uniform after all, its not like they have a skin
  • If they need uniform, as you can have robots that have close to actual biological looking body, then they should wear uniform base on what personalities/mode they acting as: guard, medic, mechanic, assistant, sextoy.
  • Please Keep your Accessories at acceptable size and attributes. 


  • They dont really need weapon unless they need to deal with inmates.
  • Please Keep your Accessories at acceptable size and attributes. 
  • Please note that No Projectile Weapons, Lethal Weapons, and Deadly Character Traits policy still applies. 


  • There are just a more advanced version of tools, AI tools of the prison
  • They follow staff every command but respect the robotic law
  • Based on Rhasht Bureaucracy, they are viewed as objects, no right, just the right to exist. 
  • The 3 robotic laws apply to them
  • Their behavior can vary from what mode/personalities they were selected: free will,guard, medic, mechanic, assistant and sextoy.
  • Robots that are troublemakers will be reprogramed or disposed off. So an robot that arrives do to crime will be reprogramed, like that crime and memory never existed. 
  • Robots should have the follow Autonomy Levels
    • Free: enjoys all the same freedoms as a sentient being. 
    • Autonomous: free but subject to the Three Laws
    • Obedient: cannot refuse an order; subject to the Three Laws
    • Subservient: cannot refuse an order; cannot initiate action; subject to the Three Laws
  • Suggested robot Personalities:
    • Emulation
    • Guard
    • Interrogator
    • Medic
    • Drone
    • Robodog
    • Sextoy

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