Second Life Build Policies

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Prims for Architecture, Mesh for Furniture.[edit]

The most efficient use of resources is generally prims for architecture and Mesh for Furniture. From a distance, a prim wall or flor covered with a properly applied and matched texture looks as good as a mesh wall or floor. Prims are easier to torture into required shapes than mesh. Mesh does not solve role-play problems. 

Play Prim Golf.[edit]

Try to build your thing in as few prims as you can. Practice. 

Full Bright, Shiny, Glow, Light Source[edit]

Use lighting effects sparingly.[edit]

Shiny and Glow reduce the readility of signs: Do not use these effects for signs. Fulll Bright makes signs visible even at midnight with no additional lighting. If you want a sign to look like it's lit up and you want people to actualy read it, set it tp Full Bright. Please look at the tutorial Timberwoof's Balls

Minimize Light Sources. [edit]

OpenGL can only handle 8 light sources in a single scene. WIth the Sun and Moon, that's six in the scene. Light sources cause veiwer-side lag. Don't be cruel to people who didn't spend as much money as you did on a fast and big GPU.