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This Style Guide is for all authors and editors of pages in this Wiki. Pages are expected to follow the rules established here. This Style Guide will evolve as new needs are identified. 


Unless tagged properly, all context is considered Galactic within The Annulus.  When titling articles, keep this in mind.  An Article titled "Rules" would mean rules for the entire galaxy (and possibly beyond) where you might mean "Rules of Albegadeom" instead.

Page Elements[edit]

  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapters

Page Types[edit]

​​​​​​​The Panoculus comprises all of the galaxy (universe!) in which these stories and role-play scenarios occur. Pages whose content is specific to one implementation of the universe or is not encyclopedic must be labeled with the type or scope. 

  • Lore: Things anyone can know about the Zulu Sector. 
  • Hidden Lore: Things which you probably do not know about the Zulu Sector. Use hte Hidden Lore tempate tag. 
  • RP Logs: Summaries of events depicted in canon role-playing sessions. 
  • Stories: fiction that serves as the basis of history must be labeled with "Story" as the first word in the page title. 
  • Second Life: Entries specific to Black Gazza/Second Life must be labeled with "Second Life" as the first words in the page title, and whatever over subcategory is appropriate. For now that's most likely to be "Black Gazza". 


When making templates, resist the urge to add parameters specific to your own character. Analyze the parameter and think about whether 80% of members of the class that use it would need the parameter. If it's just a special parameter for your thing, leave it out.