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The Baedeker of the Annulus for the Enterprising Nomad[edit]

To Friday Night RPG players, players of Black Gazza on Second Life, and players of ShyeMUSH -- heed warning. The following is a comprehensive list of things that occur within each of these universes and may contain spoilers that could ruin your experience -- especially if you're playing in a setting that's set in the past. Read with caution.

Each section may have been published or broadcast by an individual contributor. That section should be visited to see whom contributed and if you wish to write or create content on it, consult that individual and read over the Rules of The Universal Sandbox.

Also rules on Wiki Entries is a good read.  Read it.


Places that this material is in force and has been implemented:[edit]

Black Gazza in Second Life[edit]

Ad Campaign Landing Site[edit]

Kyroraz's Furaffinity Account[edit]

ShyeMUSH, operational in variable capacity since 1993![edit]

At least one RPG game that's done on the tabletop![edit]


The Annulus[edit]




Organizations - Black_Gazza[edit]


Technology and Materials[edit]

World Creation Resources[edit]