Rules of The Universal Sandbox

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Rules of the Sandbox

  • Do not be a jerk. We're all here to tell a great story, let's give it a chance.
  • Try to establish relations with species and others to mutual benefit and come up with creative conflict.
  • There is plenty of Galaxy to go around. There is even external to Galaxy available.
  • If you cannot get things resolved, work with the Canon-Master, Seh-Ti. Seh-Ti's rulings are final.


Q:  Do we have to be ruled and overlooked by a bunch of rubber jackals?

A:  Well, not ruled ... but overlooked?  Yes.  Get used to it.  Good news is that there's usually so much going on that you probably won't get their notice.  And they're generally hands off benevolent playful little sprites.  Planting raspberries is good luck.