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{{Infobox Character | home_planet=Hyx, Arpaio,  | imagefile= | species=Hygapst,  | gender=Male | age=22 | height=5'3" (5'1" in diameter) | weight=596 Ibs | skin=Source | education=Engineering Training, Life Training | occupation=Hyperspace Engineer, [[FAT Worker]] at [[Vlar's Candy Factory]]| affiliation=None | rank=[[FAT Worker]] (Current) | assignment=Wheelbarrowing candy, carrying creates, and flattening boxes. | areas_frequented=Arpaio, Surf | known_associates=None | weapons= | abilities= | journals= }}
{{Infobox Character | home_planet=Hyx, Arpaio,  | imagefile= | species=Hygapst,  | gender=Neuter | age=22 | height=5'3" (5'1" in diameter) | weight=605 Ibs | skin=Source | education=Engineering Training, Life Training | occupation=Hyperspace Engineer, [[FAT Worker]] at [[Vlar's Candy Factory]] (Permanent)| affiliation=None | rank=[[FAT Worker]] (Current) | assignment=Wheelbarrowing candy, carrying creates, and flattening boxes. | areas_frequented=Arpaio, Surf | known_associates=None | weapons= | abilities= | journals= }}
*Alias:  Narax Tol
*Alias:  Narax Tol

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Home Planet
Hyx, Arpaio,
Age (Born Year)
5'3" (5'1" in diameter)
605 Ibs
Engineering Training, Life Training
Hyperspace Engineer, FAT Worker at Vlar's Candy Factory (Permanent)
FAT Worker (Current)
Wheelbarrowing candy, carrying creates, and flattening boxes.
Areas Frequented
Arpaio, Surf
Known Associates

  • Alias:  Narax Tol
  • Age:  34 as of the Start of the Surf Era
  • Gender:  Male
  • Occupation:  The Mechanics Guild (Teams 77, 73), Chief Hyperspatial Engineer, Creator of Ubiquity Drive Propulsion, Captain of the Bombadil.
  • Species:  Hygapst, Land Based until the Surf Era with the Dein Crisis, then shifted to Quorb frame via Brainball
  • Guild Template: 61
  • Physical:  Partially Mechanical, Red and Black skin with extensive tattoo work.
  • Married:  Rodox Karahn, Quorb Hygapst -- as his wife and CEO of CrestWave.  Open Relationship.
  • Orientation:  Bi-sexual
  • Personality (Heirarchy):  Stern, gruff, aggressive, arrogant, combative, hypersmart, results-oriented.
  • Personality (Arpaio Era):  Playful, arrogant, self-centered, jovial, trickster, hypersmart

The Heirarchy Era[edit]

Little is known about Narax's time in the Hierarchy.  All that is known is that he worked on extensive engineering projects, researched hyperspatial engineering, built several devices.  It is reported that one of these devices didn't quite work the way it should have and caused an incident in which he was banished from operating in the Hierarchy -- the only information that anyone from the Hierarchy can obtain is that a Skunkworks Project under Rulinian's care went disasterously wrong.  Others theorize that this was a trigger to allow the system to purge him since he was a known supporter of Kygrat as leader for the Hierarchy.

Exile From The Hierarchy and onto Arpaio[edit]

Rulinian, after being expelled from the Hierarchy (and having his mind purged of sensitive Hierarchy information), found himself in a smaller, quieter society of the Rshast, most notably Arpaio, one of the two planets that make up the capitol.  Finding life difficult to survive there and having one business after another fail, Rulinian eventually found himself in the hands of The Mechanics Guild after his vehicle broke down on a seldom used road in a snowy mountain pass.  He was escorted to Walthax, a small Tao Crystal, Slurry, and resource mining operation to wait out the weather and an opening in the transportation routing schedules in which he could return to more civilized locations.  Rulinian discovered that he worked well with these workers, especially since the mining facility was understaffed in critical elements such as food preparation beyond basic food packs and was eager to help out, giving him favor with the local workers.   Unfortunately, Xydrox, the CEO of the Guild, received sensor data from an automated drone that another Hygapst was in his territory and ordered Rulinian subdued to head off any potential threats to the Guild.  Rulinian was captured, conviently exploring areas of the mine that were unauthorized, and processed into the Guild, initially serving Team 77.  His brain, once again, was templated to a Guild Approved Worker Template and applied over his own ... The template created off of a former Rshast who had a lot of legal problems and a history of working with various gangs and malcontents within the backwater of Arpaio.  After templating, Rulinian and this Template merged to the point where Rulinian believed he was on his second of three strikes in the Arpaio Disciplinary System, the third stike earning him a striping and processing session within Black Gazza.  The processing also provided extensive tattooing on top of what he already had -- but these ones composed of Rshast gang loyalty markings all up and down his body, including two full sleeves of artwork and a double set of X's along his wrists indicating his legal status within the Discipinary system.  He emerged back into the workforce of Walthax believing that he was on his last straw, his last chance, and that he was on the razor edge of being bounced into Black Gazza and possibly permanently losing his freedoms.  He was introduced to the Guild's Inhibitor Gas requiring him to inject gas or risk death due to withdrawl.

One of the supervisors of team 73 (Starship Fuel Handling), Takumori, however took a personal step in helping out Rulinian and brought him under his wing.  Rulinian was given a second chance, was given full Guild testing, and discovered an aptitude for mechanical matters, including Hyperspacial Physics, and passed the basic tests for enterance.  Also, in Taku's words, "His Mac and Cheese was good and he gave a damn about how we live.  Someone has to stand up for him."

Shortly after, Taku and Rulinian left Walthax for Widgis, the Mechanic Guild city on Arpaio and served out fuel operations for a number of years.

The Surf Era[edit]

Rulinian found himself involved in an adventure where the Cetas involved him due to their connections with members of Team 77.  He eventually discovered that his knowledge of Hyperspacial Engineering was not as suppressed as once believed.  He quit his position in the Mechanics Guild on Arpaio and went on detached duty to help set up Surf, a Ceta colony.  He served as Chief Engineering Officer on the Wanderer.

  • During this time, he took the CIS Hyperspace Exams offered by the CIS when they visited and inspected Spectre Station near Surf, scoring 784 out of 800.
  • One of the encounters with the Aggregate, specifically the invasion of the Wanderer, saw him in a Upgrade Egg.  He was freed from the egg, but not before substantial parts of his body was upgraded to mechanical equivilents per the mission of the Aggregate.  Despite this invasion, Rulinian was deemed to still be fit for service.  Medical has started to slowly remove pieces that could easily be removed or was deemed "not a complete enhancement".
  • Became part of the Dein's Hyperwave Skunkworks to build the Bomberdil, a starship utilizing Extreme Propulsion methods.
  • On Mictarn, Rulinian discovered that he was actively cloned and one of his clones was one of the administrators of this world in one of the mechanical factions.

The Bombadil visited several key locations in The Annulus, including space across The Great Wall, several "islands" within The Void, several locations in the Core, and the far side of the ring with the H'korjorans.  During his trip he encountered the Aureians, Xiq, H'korjorans, Chorus, Koroot, D'kor, and REDACTED.