The Annulus

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It's a really big galaxy.  Really big.  And mostly harmless.

The Annulus is a ring galaxy, about 140,000 ly across.  The galaxy comes in three distinctive components.  The core itself is 35,000 light years across, followed by a void of about 27,500, then followed by a distinctive ring structure of about 25,000 light years. [Dimension need review.]

The Annulus has four satellite galaxies that orbit it.  The orbits of these galaxies are decaying and will eventually yield in eventual mergers.

The Core

The Core contains a number of species and is known to be the hostile part of the Galaxy.  A number of hardened races, from the environment and social interactions with other species due to dense stellar populations, live here.

The Void

Nothing is in the void.  Not even Hyperspace is in the Void.  The Void represents a true ocean between the Core and the Ring.  Some say that this is a very good thing.

The Ring

The ring contains hotter and brighter stars than the core, but it is a much more peaceful and relaxed area compared to the politically turbulent core.


And to some people that Unite or DIe should send chills down spines.  After all, how did a mature galaxy back in the past ... why was it empty when the A'rthans were lumbering about...?

There should have been at least 10,000 species ... and why is the galaxy shaped like it is?  Why does it look like a large scale Aureian mistake?

The Aureian mistake, by the way, is a circular region of space, surrounded by a spatial trench, that was formed with the Aureins used a weapon called "The High Ground" to seal off a Underling incursion.  Looking at it now, it's a ring.

Like a bullet shot space.


The Zulu Sector